We have an Orbi RBK852 (AX6000 Wi-Fi 6) mesh unit, 1 base and 1 satellite.

It works great as intended, full coverage, good internet speed. However, copying files over the LAN is very slow, e.g. copying a file between laptop and PC or NAS is around 5MB/s.

I have some devices always connected to the 1 satellite at my end of the house, so my expectation was that LAN traffic went device1 -> satellite -> device2 at the maximum wifi speed for the satellite. Is this incorrect? For comparison, I was aways getting around 50-60MBs over 5GHz on my old router, 10x what I experience with the Orbi.

Note I'm not familiar how meshes work in terms of LAN traffic, so might be expecting too much? LAN speed not what it is designed for?

What possible solutions are there to get faster LAN copy speed?

1. WiFi6 dongles for the PC & laptop, and connect NAS to the satellite via ethernet? (Does Orbi use WiFi6 for devices, or just between satellite and base?)

2. Can I somehow piggyback my old modem/router (in repeater mode) to the satellite and connect my stuff the router? The satellite has an ethernet port, so I'm hoping a modem/router can use that for internet access?

To be clear, the NAS and PC are only used by me, so it's fine if they are permenantly on a separate router, and I'm swapping the laptop to the router wifi when I need to copy stuff. So the piggyback solution would be fine if that's possible?

Many thanks!