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Thread: G'day - G'day Need some DTV guru advise.

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    Cool G'day - G'day Need some DTV guru advise.

    Hi All,
    Just dropping by to improve my DTV knowledge and hope I can assist others in return.

    Had perfect DTV signal once we reno'd our home back in '05.

    Hills Phase array aerial>Clipsal Starserve MATV distributor>5 outlets using RG6-QUAD co-ax

    Over the years, signal has dropped poorly on the commercial channels leaving ABC & SBS receiving without drop outs.

    Caveat- In winter the reception does improve slightly. But, im wondering if other digital interference is in the mix.

    My angle is correct @ 215deg to Knights Hill (Illawarra)
    I've measured all of the outlet resistances with nothing untoward.

    I've bought a Satlink WS-6979SE to help diagnose the problem, but Christmas was crazy and didnt get a chance to use it - YET.

    Any tips for new players for some MATV/DTV gurus would be much appreciated

    (Elderly neighbour also has a similar problem)

Look Here ->
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    The 'Introduce Yourself' section is only to introduce yourself.. telling us a bit about yourself, where you are from, your interests, etc.

    All other posts should be made in the respective sections.

    Given you've not actually made an introduction, I'll move your thread to the correct section.

    A lot can change in 19 years, especially changes to a clear signal path to transmitters.

    Trees/vegetation growth, surrounding buildings, etc.

    Antenna, cabling and connector damage/deterioration and degradation of amps, etc.

    Knights Hill signals, being all UHF may also be prone to LTE interference, especially if you have a cellular tower nearby or in the signal path, so if you haven't added filtering for that, it may well be a cause.

    Look for strong out of band signals which may be causing errors.

    Check everything physically and electrically with signal measurements at the antenna, at the input to the distribution amp and at each outlet and post the channel power and BER/MER readings.
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