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Hi, I purchased a Ness DX16d early this year and could not fin any info on the net other than what is contained in this thread. The best info was by RobLS
I run my perl program on a Qnap server, it has been running continuous since Feb this year and sends me a text and email when the system is armed or disarmed that includes the persons name: Eg: 08/10/18 09:55:49 Alarm System Disarmed - User Jono Area:01

We also have a txt message server running to send sms to customers when jobs are ready to pick up etc so I also inject the alarm messages into it.

After arming/disarming the system I usually get a text withing 10 seconds. I know when any workers enter or leave the workshop. It also sends email/text on any events,
This is perfect for me, care to share please? Iím keen to run on my qnap server, and want to make better use of my ness d16x, aux etc. thank you