Almost 70% of the earth is comprised of ocean. Ocean can be a great reservoir of renewable energy. Ocean power technologies have been practices since long and are based on tried and tested principles of hydrodynamic physics and mechanical and electrical engineering. Tidal power is considered to be the most reliable and predictable source of renewable energy. This is mainly because the Tides occur reliably, independent of weather and climate change and they follow predictable lunar orbits known many years in advance.

There are two ways of creating tidal power: tidal dams and ocean currents. Dams are based on using a barrage at a bay or estuary with a large tidal range. Power is generated primarily at ebb tides as the barrage creates a significant head of water, much like a hydroelectric dam. Tidal turbines take advantage of fast-flowing ocean currents to create energy. The most prolific tidal turbines are horizontal axis turbines that in many ways are analogous to wind turbines. The main difference is size. Tidal turbines generating 1 MW of power can be up to one-third the size of a wind turbine with a similar generating capacity.

have become a logical thing for those seeking alternate sources of power. The energy created is much larger than other renewable sources.