Has anyone had any experience with or know anything about Ningbo Solar Electric Panels ?

We have had a good looking quote from Beacon Lighting solar group for

Panel Specifications Ningbo Solar Electric Power
Poly Panel 250watt 2000mm x 1000mm
and a
Model of inverter Fronius IG 30

The only worry I have is if a deal sounds too good to be true :-) I start to worry.

I have heard warnings about Chinese panels and dodgy inverters I am wondering if anyone has any feedback or suggestions.

The total 2 KVA system installed comes to a pay out figure of just under $6,000 les a 10% discount for RACV members so the $ side of the deal sounds great to us compared with other quotes we have had around the $9,000 mark for a similar setup .

The seem to be offering a much better REC discount than the others:
Less- Discount for RECs assigned to Beacon Solar
Zone 4 142 RECs -$7,029.00

We will be living in Heyfield in Victoria ( Gippsland )

thanks cheers doug