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Thread: Solar Panel Installation

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    Default Solar Panel Installation

    I am looking at getting a solar grid system soon. Problem I think is worth asking about is my house doesn't face east-west, it's north-north west direction.

    The largest space on the roof (house is a rectangle shape) is about 12 meters long, but that side of the roof see's morning sun about 1.2 hours after sunrise (no trees in the way), around 2:30pm-3pm a shaddow begins.

    So, with the current scheme with REC's must panels be installed on the roof or can I make use of the large yard I have and get the panels mounted on a frame which I would have positioned to follow the sun all day. And would it be worth looking into a mounting design that allows the panel position to tilt as the day progresses. I have no idea about cost for such a thing.

    I had one installer mention I only have the space to make up a 2.6kw system on the roof, but I want to fork out for a 5kw system. He did mention many inverters have one input not two or more, so if some panels lose light the other don't work as good or at all.

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    Not sure about the rules for your area, but can let you know some in SA.

    You can install them on any structure with tilt frames as long as you get council approval. This will still entitle you to the recs.

    You want to get max daylight hours as possible. In SA the preferred is North facing.

    If you want to install more than the 2.6kw system you can fit prob better of getting seperate systems(ie 2 2.6kw systems) because if you do have a split system facing different directions they can work against each other(this may not be the case for all inverters but apperently is for many) or even cause damage from overheating.

    If your roof is just over 12m and you can fit 2 rows (say 12m.5 X 4m) you would be able to fit 24 sharp 215W panals which is just over 5kw.

    Hope this helps
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