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Thread: Xbox and Xbox 360 Forum Guidelines

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    Default Xbox and Xbox 360 Forum Guidelines

    To ALL users of the gaming forums
    These guidelines ie rules are to be used in the Xbox and Xbox 360 Gaming Forum
    If there is any breach of the rules an infraction will be given and the post will be deleted without any warning .
    It is up to the moderator to decide at their own discretion if there is a breach or not .

    1 . No advertising in the Xbox and Xbox 360 Gaming Forum
    this includes things like
    'I have plenty of those I can sell you one'
    'Just go to my website and get it '
    'Just send it to me , I can fix it for you'
    'Just PM me'
    etc etc etc

    2 . No Links to websites unless the page linked to is specific to the problem at hand and is a help to the question asked . Links will be closely moderated

    3 . Self promotion in any form will not be tolerated . This is primarily a "Help" forum and is to be treated as such .

    Ok now a rundown into why we are doing this . These new guidelines are being brought into place since all the gaming forums have become nothing but an auction site for services in recent months .
    This is not what the forums are about .
    When members ask for help , we expect them to be helped , not directed to somewhere or someone to line their own pockets .
    Also Premium members . You do have the right to advertise in your personal signature , however this right does not extend to advertising in the forums via your posts and threads

    thank you for reading and your co-operation (I hope)
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