Hi Guys,
Here is a slightly modified Deniska's MapThis! 0.5.20.
First of all, this package is only the replacement EBOOT.PBP file.
Download the full program with support files here:

Then you can use this by swapping out the EBOOT.PBP file
with that provided in this package:

The modified version is the 1.00/1.50 version.
Modifications by Art are as follows:

- Startup Splashscreen is not shown.
- Map named "_Default" is always auto loaded at startup reguardless of config setting.
- HOME button can be used to exit.

The startup map option appeared to me to be broken,
so the auto load for this version is always on, it is not optional,
so make sure you name your most often used map to "_Default",
then you can select other maps later as usual with the SELECT button.
Lastly, it's always annoyed me that the HOME button has never worked.
The HOME button will instantly exit.

Cheers, Art.