Hi all, I am hoping you guys can help me out. I live in Scotland (not much sunshine here! lol) and I am hoping to install a 12v solar panel system to run my house lighting which is all LED 240v.

I am reading mixed reviews on 12v/24v/48v systems. At this moment in time I have the following items

1 x 12v to 240v inverter
1 x 20a 12/24v charge controller
2 x 125ah deep cycle batteries
I do not have PV yet as I am unsure what to buy (was originally thinking 2 x 100w 12v)
cable (protected by 20a fuse) from where the PV will sit to charger controller - cable is 4mm & distance is 5m max to CC.
cable from charge controller to battery bank 10mm
Cable from battery to inverter (10mm protected by 20a fuse)

All the above runs through a 3PDT relay 40a (originally 7amp till i found out about the dc to ac amp conversion) in order to switch between 240 and the 12v supply. I have tried and tested this and works a treat.

My total lighting load is 170w @ 240v over 6hr period however i reckon my actual useage will be approx 80w @ 240 over 4hr period. I equate this to around 7amps from the DC load.

I suppose what i would like to get from this is advice on what system i should be aiming for when thinking about future upgrading. I am lucky and most of the house has been wired in radial circuits so i can pick off what i want to supply.

Your views would be much appreciated