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Thread: Cheap winter warmth (solar heating)

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    Default Cheap winter warmth (solar heating)

    Here is my old invention. I have used this system since 1986 and have just recently (last Season) replaced the heat pump fan and also upgraded the controller to a more modern unit.
    I have an old evaporative cooler mounted in the ceiling cavity (running on lo speed). Its output has been converted to accommodate some 300mm nude ducting which runs to the Southern end of the house. The brain of the system is a commonly available SR868 solar hot water controller. (Ebay purchase $120 {delivered}). One sensor (solar collector) is located in the roof cavity and the other (tank sensor) is placed in the kitchen in the centre of the house, along with the controller. This way I can turn the system on and off as required, plus also be able to see the roof cavity temperature. I set the offset to 3 degrees C and the topout max at 30C. Job done. Itís cheap easy to install with common components. Itís a far cry from under floor heating but it delivers more than a 2.4kW fan heater. Of course it does NOT work in cloudy weather but it will hold the house at a comfortable 22C till my bed time.
    PS: the old fan has recently become very noisy so again I turned to Ebay and bought a 300mm airconditioning fan. Itís very quiet and easy to regulate the flow.
    PS PS: I did see a similar invention on the ABC New Inventors last year. (same principal different collector & components). Selling for .... Wait for it $3500.

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    So if I understand this correctly you are just taking the hotter air in the roof cavity and pumping it down below using something like this controller?

    And the two sensors would be the ones that are ment to be connected to t1 and t2 in the diagram?

    and this would be similar to your new fan?

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