I've set up Pennytel in the past OK, have a working Pennytel on another line but am unable to get any new account working. I'm wondering if its because my IP address is out of Australia?

When I register an account I got the standard email:


You will require these details when setting up your account, so please keep them safe.

Your PennyTel Phone Number/Username : xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Your PennyTel Phone Password : xxxxxx (Password I chose)
Your PennyTel PennyTel Account Number : 888115xxxx
Your PennyTel E-Lock Number : 8115xxxxX (WHAT IS THIS???????)
Your PennyTel Phone Password : 888115xxxxXX ( WHAT IS THIS 2ND password for???)
sip.pennytel.com.au (note this works but you get a different proxy next time below)

So then I added the call time filtering and its a new Proxy Address
not that it makes any difference except NOW its "Outbound Proxy" also

You will need to use the following technical settings (SIP) regardless of which method you choose:

SIP proxy: sip.pennytel.com (Note different from first that had .com.au)
Outbound proxy: sip.pennytel.com
Supported codecs: G729 (preferred), ILBC, GSM, G711u/a, G722 (high def)

Anyone know about the problem?