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Thread: have engin voip but have trouble now with modem etc it looks like

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    Unhappy have engin voip but have trouble now with modem etc it looks like

    hi everyone, i have an engin voicebox 3 by netgear i have 2 voip lines and 1 telstra modem is a netgear with the 2 voip phone sockets and 1 pstn phone setting .2 days ago we had a minor power surge, ive been with engin for 2 years this year never had no trouble ,the trouble im having is only 1 voip line is working now and the other is dead ,also there is a loud noise in my engin line and there wernt before .also when i use my telstra phone i can hear the voip people but they cannot here me ,also on my engin line im getting a high pitched squeel through my first line of my engin voice box 3 which wasnt there before ,can anyone tell me if the modem is totalled or could there be a fix for this .the modem model is a netgear dg834gv-1 also has a 4 port router modem ,if the modem is stuffed can anyone reccomend what type of modem to get to replace this .thanks hamguy2 nsw

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    Have you tried rebooting it from the menu@ ?

    I am on my third unit in 12 months , the quality and reliability of these units is very disappointing compared to my old Netgear unit which hasnt missed a beat but doesnt have voip.

    You could also try a factory reset by pushing something pointy in the hole in thr back for 10 seconds or so , but remember you will have to re add your isp details and password.

    Ironically , I also have one line that keeps going down at the moment Luckily , I was able to fix my second unit as Netgear didnt want it back so I might put that one back on.

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