Okay let me start off by saying thank you to anyone reading this attempting to see if they can help, or simply just looking.
Im not very...smart about this. and im afraid to brick another wii (meaning i already ruined one accidentally. Specifically, by trying to run PAL version of RE:Remake on my NTSC wii a few years back) My brothers the one that did all this for me, but we live on opposite sides of the states, and hes got a wife and kids, i rly dont wanna trouble him with this.
So i really am dumb about all this. i understand bits and pieces but not confident enough to make a move. and stuff i try to research seems to overlook it so maybe its a really simple fix. :/ and im sorry if its something small, i just dont wanna take the risk.

Okay i have a Wii that can play Wii games from saves on a hard drive i have connected to the USB port on the back of it. I believe its 1TB size. Theres a 1GB SD card in the Wii that has..stuff in it. Wii flow is what i use to play games. So its already good to go.

BUT I really desire to do a couple things, one thing more than the other.
What im mainly interested in is this. I want to play Gamecube games as well, in the same fashion i do the wii games. BUT i wanna know a couple things first.

Like some tutorials want me to format the HDD. (which is my 1TB hard drive, right?)
The problem with that is that i dont have access to most of the games that are on that Hard Drive anymore. (as i type this, i realize i could maybe take the files outta the hard drive before formatting if need be. But id RLY rather keep them all on there.)

Secondly, most say i need a specific other USB loader...and i have an idea of what those are but im afraid if i get rid of ANYTHING on my SD card, something will mess up and there goes another Wii. You know?

Can someone tell me if im okay to change anything? if it wont brick, or likely wont? or tell me that i was smart not to try to do anything without looking it up cuz i woulda broken it otherwise? If i got the green light, anyone suggest any program i could use to run both Wii and GC backups? (if it exist, i think i saw a few)

Heres whats on my SD card

WBFS Manager 3.0 is the program i use to load game files, .iso files, to my Hard Drive containing all my games. i plug in the hard drive and run the program, pick them games i wanna add, then eject and disconnect it.

Any ideas? If theres any more information i can give to help, i will :/I just rly wanna play some PM:Thousand Year Door..and Luigis mansion...and double dash...gah! :<