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Thread: SAS war diary

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    Default SAS war diary

    My Dad ( X British SAS) gave me a very interesting book the other day, his copy of the , that has his name printed on the inside page, his is one of the first ones off the press, where they offered 500 X SAS members to have their name printed on it during print, it turned out to be pretty popular, they later extended it to 1000, my Dad`s copy is 184 / 500. My Dad now in his mid 70`s served all over the world in the 60`s and early 70`s until we migrated to Australia. Interestingly he was the radio operator on a 4-5 man patrol in the jungle of Borneo and received the encrypted coded message that the `war was over and to return to the LZ (landing zone) to be helicoptered out` He kept the message as it was written on a piece of paper, first the encrypted code them below that the decoded message. I remember during the early 80`s my Dad finding this piece of paper amongst some of his old army things, and he donated it to the SAS museum in London

    Anyhow pretty interesting book, but the older I get I find my Dads stories pretty fascinating too, I remember as a kid thinking "oh no here we go again" but these days I listen with great interest and admiration

    Anyone remember the TV show "only fools and horses"? when Uncle Albert use to say " During the war............"

    My Dads getting on a bit now, and I find it important that I document as much as I can and pass it on to my kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yobbo View Post
    I remember as a kid thinking "oh no here we go again" but these days I listen with great interest and admiration
    I can remember the same.

    You should try to write down as many stories as possible that he tells you, or even better (if he is agreeable) plan a sit down and talk which you record. I planned on asking my grandfather if he would do that but I left it too late and he is gone now. He did tell me many stories, but trying to remember them all is the problem

    My cousin "interviewed" my other grandfather as a school project back in the 80's and I have a cassette tape of it. I will have to find someone to convert it to digital format for me one day as deterioration with tape is an issue.

    SAS stories would be fascinating.

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