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Thread: Which gps for elderly person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Haven't read anything about this one being discontinued anytime soon. Read it this was released on January 7th 2013 so not that old. Not sure how oftern Garmen update there models. Still tossing up between Tomtom and Garmin.
    See here at JA it says discontinued. That's why I said I think it is about to be....

    As far as new models go for Australia, it is a case of what sells & what doesn't so they sometimes bring in anew model & discontinue another based on marketability.
    It doesn't mean the model will not be supported, my 1490T was superseded years ago, however Firmware & Traffic subscription updates are still supplied free on a regular basis if I want them. If I had Lifetime maps they would still be updated free.
    The older Models with Sensis based mapping still get their Lifetime map updates twice a year.

    If you buy the 52LM you will get Navteq map updates 4 times a year if you want them. It is your choice how often to update, yearly or twice yearly is probably enough for most people, however if you want the latest changes then go 4 times a year.

    BTW; If you are going to be the one updating the unit. It can be done from any PC with a program called Garmin Express which is downloadable for free.
    You just open the program plug in the the GPS via USB & it detects the model & Lifetime Status of map. It then checks for new software & maps for your specific unit, then gives you the choice to download & install the firmware & or the map. Which it does automatically & tells you when to unplug & restart the GPS, then plug it back in if there is more to do. It's very easy.
    You can even get the program to run in the background & check for updates then notify you when they are available. Or manually check without the GPS plugged in & it will let you know if there are updates available for your model. (this later option would be handy for you; so you don't have to have the neighbours GPS unless there is an update available. You can check first).

    Hope that helps
    Cheers, Tiny
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