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Thread: Think i have killed my Aladdin xt plus 2

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    Default Think i have killed my Aladdin xt plus 2

    Hello all, I have only installed a Aladdin xt plus 2 into my 1.2 to 1.3 xbox couple of days ago. Last night i fitted a 2TB hard drive into the xbox with a Sata connector. All working great but when coming to partition the drive with XBpartitioner. It was giving me an error saying i need to upgrade the bios to LBA48. After looking about on sites. People say use hexen disc and flash iND Bios 256k and that it works great. After i tried it my xbox boots with a "Loading ind-bios" Then it will end up going to a black screen.

    I'm totally sure i have killed the mod chip as it will not boot any disk.
    And i only today find out that i needed to use the evox M8 bios F and G.

    I was so tired last night and following what people say on sites. I was totally confused by it. But now it all makes sense to use the evox as it's that what shows up on the screen.

    The sites i was looking at last night.

    Any ideas on what best to do as i'm sure it's dead.

    Thank you

Look Here ->
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    You dont need to use M8 bios, i only ever use iND5003 bios and i have done plenty of 1.5/2TB sata hdd upgrades.
    Did you re install the dash files ? I prefer to use AID with the one click chipped/tsop'd console install then overwrite the old XBMC with the most current version.
    The only way you could kill the chip is by an incomplete flash or physically shorting it out. After installing the hdd you need to format it using 64K clusters , i do this after installing dash files as you only format the extended partitions and not C/ E.

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