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Thread: Pocket Drones!!

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    Default Pocket Drones!!

    Yes, for the seriously addicted to their drone habit; you can get pocket drones to take with you everywhere.

    It's mind boggling the way they take an item then make it either smaller or bigger to suit the usage.

    Researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands believe that in a few years it will be as common place to have a drone in your pocket as carrying a Smartphone around today is.

    They are responsible for one of the smallest drones in the world that has a functional camera. This mini drone weighs in at just 4 grams. The team is working on low cost technology, which should allow small drones to autonomously navigate a city by running in conjunction with a smart phone. It could therefore be feasible to wander around a city with your own drone hovering along beside you.

    The Delft team believes that the light weight nature of such drones would make them much safe for use in an urban environment. This would overcome one of the main obstacles drones face and is one of the main problems that companies like Amazon has run into with their proposed package delivery drones. If these mini drones can proof to be used safely then we could be seeing them in used frequently in the not so distant future.

    Then there is this; It's a wallet drone.


    or this.

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