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Request for Assistance
03:34 PM 06-07-16

Hello {username}

Recently, I made a post on Austech trying to find some support for a worthy cause.
I received a great response from regular members, but unfortunately it wasnít enough. For that reason, I am reaching out to all members in a one off email in the hope that we can make the target and make a big difference to someoneís life.

My mate Lintonís son, whoís name is Linton Junior, has an extremely rare genetic disorder called Simpson Golabi Behmel syndrome. To give you an idea of how rare it is, there are only 130 cases diagnosed worldwide according to the Simpson Golabi Behmel syndrome facebook support page.

Linton Jnr currently attends regular school with an aide and also attends a special needs school. At the end of the year his schooling ends and he is then deemed an adult. He has asked his dad what he can do for a job, he wants to work like everybody else and he wants to start his own lawn mowing round. Linton (snr), who cannot work as he has to attend to his son as a full time carer, has scrimped and saved money for a ride on mower and owns a trailer that it can go on. Linton (snr) will have to drive him to every job and assist him.

The familys car is barely running and isnít suitable for the job of towing the trailer, so a target of $5000 is being aimed for so that a second hand ute can be purchased. At the time of writing, just over $3000 of the $5000 has been raised, and I am proud to say that around half of that money has been donated by Austech members. But unfortunately we are well short of the target of $5000, which is why I have written to you today.

There are not too many people I would do this for. I have known Linton Snr since I was 15. I left home when I was 15 and I would hate to think of how much harder life would have been without Linton as a mate. He is a couple of years older than me, and always looked out for me. He had a bit of rough upbringing and doesn't have a lot of family, and what family he has are not wealthy by any means. Linton is not the sort of person who asks for anything, but has been forced to for the sake of his son. Lintonís family have a proud military history of fighting for Australia (Lintonís namesake was KIA at Gallipoli) and I am hoping in this anniversary of World War 1, that we can fight for his family by helping them reach this goal.

Can you assist by giving a donation ? The Gofundme page link is below :

Thank you very much for your consideration. This is a one off email.